Your sampling pumps and other instruments can be serviced by IEH. Whether you need a basic equipment review or a complete inspection, calibration, and replacement of consumable parts, we can help. We're here to assist you!

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Inspection and evaluation of battery and pump performance are included in the basic pump evaluation service. Pump will be recalibrated to factory settings if possible. Pumps must function properly and be free of serious flaws such as cracks or missing pieces. At the end of the service, a certificate with all test results will be issued. If the pump fails testing or requires new parts, there will be additional charges. Before proceeding, IEH will contact you for your permission. Pumps including "VAPex, Apex2 and Vortex3".


Basic examination, replacement of expendable parts (including stack if necessary), and recalibration are all part of IEH maintenance. Replacement of the motor, battery, or control board will require additional charges.