CEL - 240/246

Logging Digital Integrating Sound Level Meter

All 200 Series include a calibration certificate, foam windshield and wrist strap

Note: To download data from models with memory (CEL-246), the cable CMC51 must be ordered separately to the instruments above.


Product Overview

Casella's CEL-240 is an easy to use instrument designed to undertake noise measurements for a variety of applications. By implementing the latest digital technology, the CEL-240 gives absolute reliability, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and performance, all housed in a rugged and compact design. With the graphical display the CEL-240 can display the time-history of noise levels, allowing an easy assessment of the current noise environment.

  • Perfect for noise at work applications

  • Rugged design suitable for most environments

  • Measures instantaneous, maximum (and average levels on the CEL-246 model)

  • Fully compliant with IEC 61672 2002 class 2; IEC 60651 type 2 (1979

  • 30 - 130 dB RMS measurement range

  • A and C weighted sound levels

  • Selectable fast, slow or impulsive time weighting

  • 2 key operation for intuitive ease of use

  • Simultaneous display of instantaneous and maximum sound pressure level measurement

  • Bar graph or graphical time-history display of noise levels, allowing an easy assessment of the current noise environment

  • Maximum hold function

  • Easy calibration, the CEL-240 automatically recognizes the application of a calibrator and with a single key press adjusts the calibration

  • AC output provided for DAT tape/PC wav file recording or headphone applications

Technical specifications

Selectable ranges: 30-100 or 60-130dB

Noise floor: <33dB(A)

Time weightings: Fast, Slow and Impulse

Frequency weightings: A and C

Weight: 245g including batteries

Dimensions: 72x212x31mm

Batteries: 3x AA Alkaline or rechargeable

Battery life: Greater than 35 hours

External power: 5V via USB 2.0 ‘Mini B’ socket

Tripod mount: 1/4” Whitworth socket

AC output: 0.85V RMS @ FSD ‘A’ weighted (Optional 0-1.3V DC instead of AC can be specified at the time of ordering)

Operating conditions: Relative humidity, 5 to 90% (non condensing)

Temperature, 0 to 40°C

Atmospheric pressure, 65 to 108kPa