Air-flow Calibrator

Flow Detective

20ml - 5L

Instrument comes with 1m tube, field guide and calibration certificate


Product overview

The Flow Detective is an easy to use all-in-one airflow calibrator that is suitable for all types of air sampling pumps and other applications for flows up to 5L/min. It is a rugged, compact lab or field portable calibrator which removes the need to purchase multiple flowmeters. This minimizes set up prior to undertaking calibrations, and saves on purchasing costs and valuable time to undertake pump calibrations.

  • High accuracy calibration

  • Pulsation detection

  • Simple operation

  • Rugged design

  • Long battery life

  • Flow range 500mL/min to 5L/min

  • 70 hour battery life

Technical specifications


Flow Range (mL/min):

Normal Range: 500 to 5,000

Low Flow Range: 20 to 500

Accuracy: < ± 2% from 500 to 5000mL/min

±0.8% of reading

±0.2% FSD from 20mL to 500mL/min

Pulsation Indicator: Flashes when pulsation is >10%

Flow Modes: Standard or Actual Flow

Volume Units: mL/min, L/min, cF/min, cc/min

Temperature Units: C, F, K

Pressure Units: kPa, mmHg, “H2 O, cmH2 O, mBar, PSI


Display: Color OLED

Controls: 4 buttons

Warm Up Time: <1 second

Dimensions: 112 x 37 x 102 mm (4.41 x 1.46 x 4.02 inches)

Weight: 370g (13oz)



Operation, 0° to 45°C

Storage, -10° to 50°C

Humidity: 30 to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Barometric Pressure: Auto-correcting


Battery Type: Rechargeable Li Ion

Battery Level Indicator: Yes

Battery Life: >70 hours

Charge Time: Typically <6 hours

The Flow Detective is a real time digital flowmeter for the calibration of air sampling pumps

Add Ons

Flow Detective Standard Kit/Pro Kit

Includes Flow Detective, Calibration Adaptor, kit case and power supply